About Us

Welcome to Bird Safe HQ, a company set up to help protect birds from flying into glass pool surrounds, windows and other glass obstacles in and around your house and/or business. Bird Safe HQ came to life right here in New Zealand and is guided by a desire to reduce the number of birds killed or injured as a result of flying into glass obstacles.  

After witnessing first hand the dangers of glass pool surrounds, we set about trying to find an effective and inexpensive solution to prevent bird strikes.  We conducted numerous trials and researched both local and international markets for a suitable product. In the end, we decided to produce our own kiwi-based solution utilising high quality vinyl dots cut to various sizes and uniformly placed onto glass. The results proved far greater then we could have imagined, reducing the bird strike to almost zero on a glass pool surround.

After the initial trial period of 18 months, we have now decided to bring the product to market and help protect New Zealand’s diverse and unique bird population. We believe the simplest solutions are the best and that flows through to installation which anyone can undertake with ease - just follow our simple online video tutorial or instruction guide.

With each purchase, we will donate $2 to the Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre who work tirelessly in the protection and conservation of our native birds. 

The Bird Safe HQ team